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The deep web is perceived to be a dangerous zone, an unexplored dystopian landscape. The Tor browser showcases a chaotic arena with communitarian goals; from an innovative market economy (the silk road) to everyone's virtual dark horse.

However, there are two realities that exist, the dystopian chaos that releases the worst fears of users and the polar opposite — a utopian communal space that will allow one to navigate through the anarchy that comes with anonymity.

In the ustopic web, users are invited to explore a user's relationship with the deep web through a ustopia (utopia/dystopia). In the ustopic web project, the audience follows a Thai activist, Fon Thongchai and her journey through two alternate webverses, one that manifests an array of deep-web phobias, and another that serves as the perfect antidote to the deep web's accessibility and privacy issues, unveiling its full potential.

By making explicit the extremes (utopias and dystopias) we are able to unveil the implicit nature of our web ideals. The truth, or the solution, lies in neither reality, but rather in a ustopic balance between the two (Atwood, 1985). Our final installation not only navigates the audience, but invites them to navigate between two imagined webverses and imagine their own ustopic balance.

A Journey Through the Dark Web

A Haven for the Oppressed & a Criminal Wonderland